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HONCELL sets up independent R&D centre with a complete set of equipments used in testing physical, chemical characteristics, electro-chemistry and battery application performance. Our R&D centre undertook and completed many technology projects in the past and made a long term study cooperation with Harbin Industry University.

HONCELL R&D center established in 2010, brings together renowned professionals from domestic and overseas in lithium-ion battery technology. Currently HONCELL has more than 10 technicians, and among them the core technologies developer more than 5 people, 2 doctors, 3 masters. The company has hired a number of experts with outstanding contributions in the world of rechargeable lithium-ion battery industry as technical consultants.

To research the technical problems of high-tech products, HONCELL has with Tsinghua University (Shenzhen Institute), Central South University, North-western Polytechnic University (Shenzhen Research Institute) and other universities to establish cooperative research relations and personnel training mechanism.

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