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Vision: Energy Expert | Century Company


-Offer the competitive quality, price and service; 

-Create the maximum value constantly for staff, clients and society.


People-oriented | Honest | Earnest | Precise Co-operative | Dedicated Innovative

To create the maximum benefit for our employees, customers, and share holders.

Core Value: Customer First | Quality First | Trustworthy | Teamwork | Quick Action

Spirit:  Honesty | High Efficiency | Excellence | Innovation

Quality policy: 

-Strive for survival on the basis of quality
-Strive for development on the basis of innovation
-Serve the customer wholeheartedly


Technical innovation as the foundation | Managerial innovation as the competitiveness | Service innovation as the bridge connecting customers

Working Strength:

-Teamwork: work together for the development of both individuals and company, for the satisfactions of clients, for the harmony and evolution of the society.
-Sincerity: be sincere & credible to the HONCELL, to the customers, to the shareholders, to the employees, and ultimately to the society.

-Innovation: develop more effective management for the company, more perfect goods for the society.


In the domain of research and development, we build up on the foundation of environmental protection in developing innovative products to satisfy the needs of the customers. As a member of the earth, Honcell makes effort in reducing gas pollutants and solid waste, and to mitigate the damage to the environment. We also commit to develop green product in conformity to the notion of environmental protection. For the customers, we shall provide absolute professional knowledge as per their needs and hearty service attitude for the full satisfaction of the customers. 

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